Seaclear Acrylic Aquarium Line Review

Seaclear Acrylic Aquarium Line Review

There was a time that the only aquariums I used were glass aquariums. That was until I was given a Seaclear Acrylic Aquarium. After that I was convinced that acrylic tanks are awesome.

If you have been around aquariums for a while, Seaclear is a name that needs no introduction!

The company has continually served the aquarium lovers’ fraternity with well-made equipment. They boast immense experience that they bring in the acrylic aquariums line of products.

What Is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a type of plastic-like material with the most common being methyl methacrylate and polymethyl methacrylate. A sturdy material that boasts super clarity and impressive malleability.

Seaclear has done an excellent job in manufacturing a broad range of acrylic fish tanks to match the different needs of buyers.

Quick Glance SeaClear Acrylic Tanks

These fish tanks are however not cheap, but quality products in the market seldom are.

However, if you are willing to sacrifice the extra bucks for additional quality and convenience, then why not go for the best?

Let’s Take a Look at Why Acrylic Aquariums Are Better Than Glass Aquariums

Are you unsure about using acrylic aquariums?

In this section of the article, we will go through some of the advantages of acrylic aquariums over glass aquariums.

Take a look.

Acrylic is more transparent than glass

Acrylic allows over 90% of light to pass through, enabling you to see the beautiful decorations and vibrant colors of your fish vividly. Glass distorts images slightly and can give a dull display.

Unlike glass, acrylic is tough and hard to break and can stand up to rough handling without shattering.

If you have young children and pets, an acrylic aquarium is your best bet.

Acrylic aquariums seldom leak

While glass fish tanks are sealed with silicone and often leak, acrylic is melted into one stable and robust unit, so the seams are more secure and safe.

Light in weight

You cannot compare the weight of acrylic to glass fish tanks. Glass is denser than acrylic, hence glass can be about four to ten times heavier than the acrylic.

This makes an empty acrylic tank easier to carry and transport and assures minimal damage to your floorboards or tabletops.

The insulation power of acrylic is much higher than that of glass

Acrylic tanks are known to retain about 20% more heat than their glass counterparts. This means an acrylic aquarium will maintain temperature levels regardless of the external conditions and provide a favorable environment for fish.

Design options open up

The designs of acrylic fish tanks vary and can be made to suit your preferences. Acrylic materials can be molded into many designs, depending on the customer's needs.

For example, this allows you to opt for a shape that will occupy less vertical or horizontal space if you have space constraints.

No metal frames needed

Contrary to glass tanks, there are no support metal frames in acrylic aquariums. This adds to the good looks and reduces the overall weight.

Thanks to its malleability, most acrylic tank shave rounded corners while glass has sharp edges. This reduces the risk of acrylic aquariums harming you, your family, and pets that may encounter the corners.

Easy to drill and seal

It is easier to drill acrylic as compared to glass aquariums. If you intend to add a sump filter below your tank, you can quickly drill through.

40" Refugium, Marine Aquarium Filter, 40 Gallon Sump - Laser Cut - 4" and 7" Sock Holders/ATO

In case you change your mind, you can still used silicone to attach a flat piece of acrylic and seal the hole.

Pros And Cons Of Acrylic Aquariums

Like any other products on the market, acrylic fish tanks have many draws and drawbacks.

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what we like about them

  • The fish tanks come in more creative and attractive shapes. You can choose a form that suits your preference and living space. If you are short on space, you can order a hexagon design to use up less horizontal real estate
  • You can polish out or lighten scratches on acrylic aquariums to an all-new state
  • Shipping, transporting, and lifting acrylic aquarium is convenient and straightforward thanks to its lightweight
  • Acrylic aquariums provide a comfortable environment to fish courtesy of their excellent insulation. This is instrumental if you are targeting to keep tropical fish
  • Acrylic tanks have tight seams that are chemically sealed and are less prone to licking. They can be easily drilled to create overflow systems and filled if need be
  • The aquariums are super clear and display fine details. The index of refraction of acrylic and water is almost the same. This reduces refraction and enhances clear vision
  • Acrylic fish tanks are long-lasting and resistant to breaking or cracking even if dropped or knocked. This promises a lifetime of serious use


  • In spite of its ability to be polished, acrylic acquires scratches quickly. Careless handling during shipping, set up and maintenance, contact with kids and pets, and contact with the fish can easily result in scratches
  • You need a stand to support acrylic aquariums from below to prevent the bottom from sagging
  • Acrylic is quite porous and may leach elements into the water. These elements may be harmful to fish or change the color of the water
  • Depending on the type of acrylic material used, some fish tanks yellow over time. Older versions of acrylic tanks are more susceptible to the effect of UV rays and often yellow

The Various Sizes and Shapes Seaclear Acrylic Aquarium Line Aquariums Come in!

The SeaClear acrylic aquarium combo comes in multiple sizes to suit different demands on the market. The sizes are measured in gallons of water the tank can comfortably hold and range from 15 gallons to 50 gallons.

The size of the fish tank is determined by the size and number of fish you plan to keep and the space you have for positioning the tank. 

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Acrylic materials are more suitable for larger tanks since it is lightweight and can still be coined into space-saving designs. Larger aquariums will cost you more to purchase and infiltrate so you should consider this if you are on a tight budget.

On the other hand, the shapes can range from the conventional rectangular shapes to more stylish hexagonal and bow front designs:

15 Gallon Hexagon

20 Gallon Hexagon

20 Gallon Rectangular

26 Gallon flat-back Hexagon

29 Gallon Rectangular

30 Gallon Rectangular

40 Gallon Rectangular

46 Gallon Bowfront

50 Gallon Rectangular

Should You Go for an Acrylic Aquarium?

If good looks concern you, you have many attractive shapes and designs of acrylic tanks to choose from. Some feature captivating details that will amaze onlookers.

If you live in a location that experiences extreme temperatures or sudden weather changes, acrylic aquariums should be your go-to options.

These fish tanks are excellent in insulating the inside and will maintain a favorable environment even as the external conditions fluctuate.

Additionally, a lot of space is not always possible for most people. 

If you live in a small apartment or you experience a shortage of space, you can go for a reasonably sized acrylic fish tank with a space-saving design.

Acrylic tanks are also perfect for creating attractive backgrounds and can add a fancy look to any place.

You can decide to add a background or décor to your acrylic fish tank, and it will still look vivid and classy.

This is a result of its unquestionable clarity.

Homeowners that have active kids and pets should consider settling for acrylic fish tank due to their shatterproof nature.

Considering how tough and full of energy kids can be, it is essential to take cautionary measures and prevent losses should the tank be knocked over or dropped.

Acrylic fish tanks also feature round corners and edges rather than sharp pointed corners making them safe for kids and pets.

Testing and Maintaining Seaclear Acrylic Aquarium

As soon as you unbox your Seaclear acrylic fish tank, fill it with water and leave it for several days to a week before putting the fish in. This will check for any leaks or leaching areas.

I also recommend setting up all the plumbing and filtration systems. You can check for leaks and at the same time get the biological filtration going.

Basically killing 2 birds with one stone.

If at any time during this period you find any leaks I recommend using acrylic cement to fill the leakages.

If the leak is severe, contact the manufacturer for a hassle-free replacement.

Acrylic aquariums demand a lot of care and maintenance. You will need to clean it frequently and remove dirt, fish poop, and growing algae.


What’s more, experts discourage cleaning acrylic fish tanks using alcohol-based cleaners since they may reduce the strength of the material, cause crazing, and reduce the clarity.

Use acrylic safe algae scrubbers to clean the tank.

A special polishing cloth is recommended for cleaning. Even so, if you cannot access one, you can substitute the special cleaning cloth with a soft and clean cotton cloth or a high-quality paper towel.

Refrain from using commercial grade paper towels and coarse sponges or pads. They may scratch the fish tank and reduce its clarity.

The bad news is that algae and diatoms are difficult to remove using the standard cleaning cloth.

For this reason, you can utilize a plastic card such as a credit card or plastic putty knife. Standard scrappers for acrylic are also available in stores.

Gently scrape the growth from the acrylic without applying much pressure.

Not just that, if your tank has very sharp corners and edges, make you polish and smoothen them to ensure maximum safety for you, your family, and pets. You can use a sand block to smoothen the sharp corners and edges.

Summing it Up

Now that you have all the information you need, we can confidently sum up that Seaclear Acrylic aquariums have a lot of going for them.

Acrylic aquariumsvare lighter, stronger, and easier to remove scratches and repair and offer better insulation among other desirable characteristics.

If we remove the cost and natural scratching out of the equation, acrylic fish tanks are a decent investment and well worth the sacrifice.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments!