pom pom goldfish

Pom Pom Goldfish

The pom pom goldfish has a unique appearance which inspired its name.

pom pom goldfish

Pompon or Hana Fusa is a type of goldfish that has loose and fleshy outgrowths between the nostrils on each side of the head. The fleshy outgrowth looks like pom poms, which inspired this goldfish’s name.

This cute goldfish is unique and fancy and is considered exotic.

In this article, I’ll share everything you need to know about the pom pom goldfish in as much detail as I can.

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A Quick Introduction to the Pom Pom Goldfish

In this section of the article, I will go through a few basic things that you need to know about the pom pom goldfish.

Pom Pom Goldfish Appearance

The pom pom goldfish has a body and shape similar to that of the Oranda or the ​Lionhead goldfish.

However, instead of having a supportive a growth from the head, the pom pom goldfish has nasal outgrowths.

These outgrowths are basically an enlarged nasal septum, and they vary in pompom goldfish.

In some fishes, the outgrowths may even hang a little below the mouth. These outgrowths are a result of selective breeding. These fishes have either nacreous or metallic scalation, may or may not have dorsal fins.

The pompom can be seen in a wide range of colors including silver, orange, yellow, black and white.

The two bubble-like growths start from around the time that they are 18 weeks old, and the fish can easily be recognized by goldfish enthusiasts around this age. It takes several months for the pom poms to develop fully.

Once they become fully matured, the pom pom may even become so large that they can easily get sucked into the fish’s mouth when taking water in!

A fully grown pompom can easily be 4-6” in length, and the fish can live for several years, like any goldfish types.

History Of The Pom Pom Goldfish

According to Chinese, this variety of fish is also known as the ‘Velvet ball.’ 

Historic records from as far back and 1898 have mentioned the pom pom goldfish, which means that the fish has existed longer than that.

The fish was first imported to the United Kingdom in 1936 from Shanghai.

The fish were also displayed at an aquarium in Paris.

In early days, the pom pom goldfish was popular. However, in recent times the fish is rarely seen on display or is for sale.

Temperament and Care for Pom Pom Goldfish

Pom pom goldfish belong to one of the slower swimming goldfish varieties. So, the fish will likely get if you house it with a more speedy species like the shubunkin or the comet.

Because of the two nasal growths on the pom pom goldfish, you should take care of the aquarium décor to make sure that there aren’t any pinch points or sharp corners that can scratch or damage the fish’s nose.

It is not a good idea for first-time keepers to invest in a pom pom as they need a relatively experienced fish keeper who can provide them with adequate care.

Breeding Pom pom Goldfish: The Basics

The good thing about pom pom goldfish is that they don’t have any features that can make breeding a challenging task such as telescoping or upturned eyes. This makes the pom pom one of the easiest exotic goldfish varieties.

The male and female pompom are quite similar regarding appearance, which makes it difficult to tell apart.

Usually, female fish will have a body shape that is slightly slimmer than the male. However, during the mating season, male pom poms gain white tubercles on the gill plates and the edges of the pectoral fins. This helps in telling the sexes apart a much easier task.

Choosing a Pom pom Goldfish for Yourself

The pompom comes in various colors. However, no color is considered desirable above all the others.

When picking out a pom pom fish for yourself, you should look for a healthy and active fish. Keep in mind that the pom poms are slow moving, so, they may all appear sluggish which isn’t necessarily unhealthy.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the nasal pom poms won’t develop fully until the fish is mature. So, younger fishes will have absent or small pom poms.

Final Words: The Pom Pom Goldfish

Pom pom goldfish is a variety of goldfish that has unique loose and fleshy outgrowths between the nostrils on each side of the head which have pom pom-like appearance, these outgrowths give the fish its name.

The pom pom goldfish belong to the slow-moving variety of goldfish and don’t do well with fast-moving fishes. Tankmate suggestions would be the Bubble Eye Goldfish, The Celestial Eye Goldfish or any other slow swimming Goldfish.

Pom Pom Goldfish Questions and Answers

goldfisho mascot

What is a Pom Pom goldfish?

Known for the nasal bouquet around its nostrils

Type: fancy

Colors: silver, orange, yellow, black, white

Type of Swimmer: slow

Temperament: peaceful

Single or Twin-tail: twin

Level of Care: not for beginners

What does a Pom Pom goldfish cost?

$18 - $30 each

What are compatible tank mates for Pom Pom goldfish?

Because Pom Poms are slow swimmers, never place them together with fast swimming fish. They are best with other slow swimming fish such as Lionheads, Bubble Eyes, Fantails, or Butterfly Tails

Note: Slow swimming goldfish should not be placed with fast swimming goldfish. Fast swimmers are aggressive eaters at feedings.

Characteristics and Traits of Pom Pom Goldfish

How large does a Pom Pom goldfish get?

The fish are between 4-6” in length when fully mature

What is the lifespan of Pom Pom goldfish?

It is very common for them to live 10-15 years

Diet of Pom Pom Goldfish

What does a Pom Pom goldfish eat?


Live food (bloodworms, shrimp)

Fruits & vegetables

Flake food

Tank Requirements for Pom Pom Goldfish

What size tank does a Pom Pom  goldfish need?

Minimum: 20-30 gallons

Fish-to-tank Ratio is 1” of fish per 1 gallon of water

What should the water temperature be for a Pom Pom goldfish; and do I need to have a heater for the tank?

65 - 75 degrees (F)

A heater is required to maintain water temperature.

Do I need to have an air stone (air pump) in my Pom Pom goldfish’s tank?

Yes, but avoid having one that is too powerful because Pom Poms are slow swimmers and too much water movement will cause them to have trouble swimming

Does a Pom Pom goldfish’s tank require a filtration system?

Yes, all goldfish should have a filtration system in their tank.

Be careful that your filtration system’s water intake is not too powerful for the Pom Pom because they are slow swimmers and too much movement in the water can be difficult for your Pom Pom to tolerate.