goldfish thermostat

Temperature Settings for Homes with Aquariums

People love having aquariums with exquisite and eye appealing fishes, which lend a lively environment to their homes. Fishes are a popular choice for pets, much like dogs and cats and the most in demand amongst them are goldfish. Pisces usually are a people magnet, as they really attract everyone, irrespective of their age.

goldfish thermostat

Moreover, they add aesthetic value to your home décor and are romantic to have around. One look at these magnificently serene beings is all it takes for you to relax after a long hard day at work! With that said, the most important thing to ask yourself is, while you are keeping your aesthetics at the top, are you taking good care of your silently devoted friend? After all, it would be really selfish if one just own an aquarium to show off!


Goldfish have some specific needs, which should be taken care of, otherwise you would end up creating a stressful, lethargic and unhealthy population of them in your home. How do you then decide the right temperature and environment for Pisces to be happy? Well, fret not, for we will just brief you about this!


What does room temperature have to do with a fish in an aquarium?


Most first timers find themselves bewildered when it comes to establishing a connection between the well-being of fishes and room temperature because after all “they are already in the water. right?”.  Well, let’s not forget the fact that their room is their aquarium, which is why you need to keep its temperature maintained.  


You should know that fishes are sensitive to temperature changes. In fact, their immune system gets affected by rapid temperature alterations and that’s why it’s imperative to keep the room temperature stable for your fishes to live a long & healthy life. Fishes are essentially fragile and you should study intricately into the species you own to keep up with the desired temperature levels. Otherwise, they may get sick or may even die! You have to make sure your room temperature is neither too hot nor too icy with the help of heaters or chillers, which will allow you to maintain a stable temperature.

GOLDFISH- What temperature works for them?


Where on the one hand, these orange beauties are the most common of all the fishes to be kept, they are also the most maintenance seeking ones, on the other. Apart from orange, they do come in a number of different colors and shapes. Goldfishes flourish in middle range temperatures of 23 and 24 degree centigrade, according to experts. Although, they are considered to be tropical fishes, too much of heat can stress them out. They can thrive in a wide range of temperatures, but if you want their health & longevity, make sure you keep it on an optimal temperature.


How Hot is too Hot for Goldfish?


Goldfish become much stressed out, if kept on a temperature over 86 degrees Fahrenheit  (30 degree Centigrade). You should also keep in mind that your tank is not placed under direct sunlight. Make sure to keep it away from windows, doors, microwaves and radiators. This will ensure your fish an optimal temperature thereby, preventing any chance of stress.


What temperature is ideal for the breeding of Goldfish?

The breeding abilities of Goldfish follow an evolutionary pattern, which not only provides them with a high survival rate, but also with a healthier and sturdier larva. Goldfish naturally spawn in the spring season when temperatures rise after the cold and harsh winters.

It is recommended to provide them with a natural environment in their aquariums, as their reproduction will get affected by the changes in temperature. Being a Goldfish keeper, one should raise the water temperature to as much as 25 to 26 degree centigrade in spring and should make sure to dip it down to 10 to 12 degree in winters.


How to alter temperature?

The wisest thing while altering the tank temperature of your goldfish is to- GO SLOW. Bring about the change gradually, over a period of time.

Too fast a change in water temperature might damage the fish. Remember they are cold blooded organisms, which is why you should give them the chance to adapt to temperature change. Make a small change in temperature every hour till you reach your desired level. This makes for a natural change without wrecking the fish. Moreover, you must be thorough on how temperature is a vital thing for your fish’s survival.


Most people often become confused when it comes to maintaining the right temperature and find themselves at a loss when it comes to figuring out about equipment, like heaters & thermostats and that’s why we have put it all here for your convenience.


What You Need?

1) An Aquarium Thermometer: Thermometers can be attached on the inside or the outside of the tank for temperature measurements. The ones which fit on the inside are recommended over the latter, though you can use any one of them. Just make sure they are reasonably accurate.

2) Aquarium Heaters: Today, the market is full of a plethora of models of heaters that can help you in maintaining optimal temperature conditions for your fish. Two of the most commonly available types are:

  • Preset Aquarium Heaters: As opposed to adjustable heaters, these type of aquarium heaters cannot be altered according to the special needs of your fish. So, in case of any disease or when you want to fashion a natural breeding season for your goldfish, these heaters will disappoint you. You may also have to alter the temperature according to differences in power stability, a cumbersome task that it fails to perform automatically. Further, these heaters offer the least number of choices and that is why are not recommended to install.
  • Adjustable Aquarium Heaters: Though, these are non-set ones, they often come with a set correct temperature. You can adjust its thermostat accordingly whenever the temperature needs to be lowered or raised. Furthermore, the added benefit with these types of heaters is that they come at about half the price when compared to the pre-set ones. Thus, they are not only light on the pocket, but perform exceptionally well.


How to set up Thermostats?

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the room (where aquarium is placed) is very important as well. The rule of thumb is always maintain temperatures that are comfortable for humans.


Key points to remember while setting a thermostat in aquarium heaters:


  • Check with the manufacturer’s guidelines for positioning and installing the heater in the aquarium.
  • After getting installed, wait for half an hour before plugging in to ensure temperature equalization.
  • Check for the indicator light after plugging in.
  • Make Small adjustments over a time period.
  • Keep checking until the temperature is at the desired level with the help of a thermometer, which will measure the temperature.



Keep your fishes happy by providing them the best maintenance in terms of temperature and feeding. Temperature plays an imperative role in keeping your goldfish healthy and in warding off diseases.

The age, the size and the condition of the fish should be taken into consideration before deciding a temperature range for them. Goldfish are fast swimmers in warm water and it is signs like these that will help you in your decision. There may not be the more obvious physical signs of the benefits of optimal temperature, like digestion, metabolism or a strong immune system, but ultimately the lifetime of your fish will tell you how important it is.