Goldfish Types

Tosakin Goldfish

The Curly Fantail Goldfish The Tosakin Goldfish is also referred to as the curly fantail goldfish. It is a very recognizable goldfish type because of its distinctive tail formation. Instagram While this goldfish may be distinctive, it can also be easily mistaken for similar goldfish breeds. Throughout this article, we will discover the Tosakin Goldfish,

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shubunkin goldfish

Shubunkin Goldfish

The Shubunkin Goldfish or Calico Goldfish as they are sometimes referred are a slender bodied goldfish that are known to be skilled swimmers and great “beginner fish”.  There are three different types of Shubunkin. However, they are all a variation of the calico pattern. This constant calico pattern is just one of the unique traits

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butterfly goldfish

Butterfly Goldfish

The Butterfly Tail Fancy Goldfish           a view from above “Goldfish are flowers…flowers that move” -Han SuyinHave you ever peered into your goldfish aquarium from above and admired their graceful ways and their natural beauty? @kingkoigoldfish If you have not, then you must not own a Butterfly Tail Fancy Goldfish.  There

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calico goldfish

Calico Goldfish

Calico Goldfish Info Also known as the Shubunkin Goldfish, the calico coloring is exclusive to this particular breed of fancy goldfish. The Shubunkin can have many colors in its coat which is why it has been called the Calico Goldfish. It comes in yellows, reds, oranges, greys, whites and blacks which are all set on

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ryukin goldfish

Ryukin Goldfish

All About The Ryukin Goldfish “The Hunchback Of Goldfish” The Ryukin was directly developed from the Fantail goldfish. However, their bodies are more rounded/egg-shaped than that of the Fantail. The differentiating feature of the Ryukin is the presence of its dorsal hump which starts in the neck region. Its head has a more pronounced pointed

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ranchu goldfish

Ranchu Goldfish

The Ranchu Goldfish is certainly something to see! They have an impressive appearance that is similar to that of the Lionhead Fancy Goldfish. @Ranchu_Love These chubby goldfish require an experienced goldfish owner who can appreciate their peaceful demeanor. A Little History Lesson On The Ranchu Goldfish: The Ranchu originated in China many years ago. They

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Wakin Goldfish

The Wakin Goldfish

The Telescope Eyed Fancy GoldfishThe Telescope Eyed Fancy GoldfishThe Telescope Eyed Fancy GoldfishGoldfish Tales: The Wakin breed Majestic Beauty of the Wakin This fish doesn’t mess around with trifle simplicity! Debonair and distinguishing, this little fish will keep you entertained with its jutting movements and speed. ​​What is a Wakin Goldfish? Pronounced “Wa-keen” This little

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