Goldfish Types

goldfish pop eye disease

Goldfish Pop Eye Disease: Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

Quick Navigation Cause, Symptoms and the Treatment: Fish Pop Eye DiseaseFish Pop Eye Disease and Its SymptomsHow Do You Treat the Fish Pop Eye Disease?Summing it Up: Cause, Symptoms and the Treatment of the Fish Pop Eye Disease Cause, Symptoms and the Treatment: Fish Pop Eye DiseaseAre you looking for more information on the Fish […]

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Tosakin Goldfish

The Curly Fantail Goldfish Quick Navigation The Curly Fantail GoldfishPhysical Traits of the Tosakin GoldfishPersonality and Temperament of the Tosakin GoldfishDiet of Tosakin Goldfish The Tosakin Goldfish is also referred to as the curly fantail goldfish. It is a very recognizable goldfish type because of its distinctive tail formation.InstagramWhile this goldfish may be distinctive, it

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comet goldfish care

The Comet Goldfish

Quick Navigation The History of the Comet Goldfish:Physical Traits of the Comet Goldfish:​​​​Nutrition and Feeding the Comet Goldfish:Personality and Temperament of the Comet Goldfish:Potential Health Problems of the Comet Goldfish: The History of the Comet Goldfish:The Comet Goldfish is native to the United States of America. In fact, it is one of two goldfish breeds

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Bug Eye Goldfish

Celestial Eуе Goldfish – Bug Eyed Goldfish

The Celestial Eye Goldfish “The Stargazing Goldfish!” The Celestial Eye goldfish is often referred to as the “Stargazer” by the Chinese. This is because its eyes are pointed up at a permanent 90-degree angle as if it were gazing at the sky. Its unique eyes and absence of a dorsal fin make this fish highly desired by

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telescope eye goldfish

The Telescope Eyed Fancy Goldfish

Quick Navigation Where did the Telescope Eye goldfish come from?Ancestoral History of the Telescope EyeThe Telescope Eye Comes Into ExistencePERSONALITY AND TEMPERAMENT OF THE TELESCOPE EYED GOLDFISHTraits and Characteristics Of The Telescope GoldfishWhat level of care does the Telescope Eye goldfish require?What kind of habitat do TeleSCOPE GOLDFISH like?What do I feed the Telescope Eye

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Common goldfish

Common Goldfish

Quick Navigation History: Where did The Common Goldfish originate?Physical Characteristics of The Common Goldfish How can I identify them in an aquarium?Care: Is The Common Goldfish difficult to care for?Nutrition and Feeding: What does The Common Goldfish eat?Habitat Requirements: What kind of aquarium should I get for my Common Goldfish?Personality and Temperament: How will my Common Goldfish act

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pearlscale goldfish

Pearlscale Goldfish – The Fanciest Fancy Goldfish

Quick Navigation Do Goldfish Need a Large Tank to be Happy?Doesn’t a Large Tank Need More Maintenance?The Golden Rule You Should Abide ByStocking Tips for NewbiesFinal Words The Fanciest Fancy Goldfish-The PearlscaleThe Pearlscale Goldfish is easy to spot amongst other goldfish. She will be the only one dressed in pearls! Or, so her scales would

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calico goldfish

Calico Goldfish

Quick Navigation Calico Goldfish InfoFeeding Calico GoldfishCalico Goldfish Water TemperatureBreeding Calico Goldfish Calico Goldfish InfoAlso known as the Shubunkin Goldfish, the calico coloring is exclusive to this particular breed of fancy goldfish. The Shubunkin can have many colors in its coat which is why it has been called the Calico Goldfish. It comes in yellows, reds,

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ryukin goldfish

Ryukin Goldfish

Quick Navigation All About The Ryukin GoldfishWhere did the Ryukin goldfish come from?Fantail vs. Ryukin In AppearanceCHARACTERISTICS AND TRAITS Of The RyukinCaring For Your Ryukin GoldfishFEEDING YOUR RYUKIN GOLDFISHLIVE FOODFROZEN OPTIONSVEGETABLES, FRUITS, AND PLANTSRYUKIN GOLDFISH SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN:FEEDING TIMEREPRODUCTIVE All About The Ryukin Goldfish“The Hunchback Of Goldfish” The Ryukin was directly developed from the Fantail

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ranchu goldfish

Ranchu Goldfish

Quick Navigation Physical characteristics of the Ranchu Goldfish-How to identify them:Are Ranchu Fancy Goldfish difficult to care for?What do Ranchu Fancy Goldfish eat?What kind of aquarium do Ranchu Fancy Goldfish need?Aquarium décor for your Ranchu tank:Get to know your Ranchu’s temperament and personality:Potential Health Risks:Ranchu Goldfish Questions and AnswersCharacteristics and Traits of Ranchu GoldfishDiet of

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Wakin Goldfish

The Wakin Goldfish

Quick Navigation Wakin Goldfish Questions and AnswersCharacteristics and Traits of Wakin GoldfishDiet of Wakin GoldfishTank Requirements for Wakin Goldfish Goldfish Tales: The Wakin breedMajestic Beauty of the Wakin This fish doesn’t mess around with trifle simplicity! Debonair and distinguishing, this little fish will keep you entertained with its jutting movements and speed.​​What is a Wakin Goldfish?Pronounced

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