Goldfish Aquarium – Goldfish Tank Sizes

Understanding Aquarium Sizes: Which Is Right For Your Situation?

One of the most important parts of setting up a new aquarium is picking the right tank size for your fish. Read this article to learn all about aquarium sizes.

Are you looking for the perfect aquarium sizes for your fish? When choosing an aquarium, always go for the bigger tank. This is because there are higher chances that your fish will stay healthy for long.

Also, a bigger fish tank is easy to clean and provides enough space for your fish to swim. However, bigger aquariums can be quite expensive.

Most common fish tank material is glass and acrylic. Acrylic is a suitable choice for beginners since its 15 times stronger than glass. Acrylic aquariums come in a range of 15 to 50-gallon size tank capacity.

Here is an aquarium buying guide.

1. Get A Bigger Fish Tank

When you are getting a fish tank, there is nothing like a bigger tank. It is better to get a bigger size tank than small tanks. The bigger the tank, the better.

Believe it or not, the larger tanks are actually easier to maintain. The larger the tank, the less often it needs to be cleaned out.

Always look for bigger tanks which are within your budget. If you can afford to stretch your budget a little and get a bigger tank, then go for it.

If you are met with a decision of choosing between a five gallon and a ten-gallon fish tank always go for the bigger tank. Mostly when you compare the two tanks, you notice that the price is not that far off and it’s better to add a few dollars and get the bigger fish tank. 

Don’t worry about how you will secure finances to buy a bigger fish tank because of a bad credit rating. You can get personal loans for bad credit if you have a bad credit history. This will allow you to get a bigger size fish tank.

Also, a bigger fish tank allows you to have a bigger collection of fish in your aquarium. Additionally, it allows you to stock the fish tank with medium-sized fish, which are around 6 inches long.

Larger fish tanks are preferred for goldfish  since they can put off quite a bit of ammonia, more than ordinary tropical fish. In a smaller tank, all of that ammonia will collect and pollute the water way faster than in a larger tank.

You will see your fish coming up to the surface more often to get air because they cannot get it from the water. They will get sick more often and the smell that comes from the tank will get very strong.

While some of the ammonia does rise to the surface and some goes through the filtering system, it is not anywhere near enough to compensate for the amount goldfish create. This is especially true in tanks with a smaller surface area, such as in bowls and fancy aquariums.

The ideal tanks are the rectangle shaped with the top the same size as the bottom, however, with the large assortment of tank shapes and sizes available on the market, it is not the only type that will work.

Just make sure that whatever design you go with has a large surface area.

Also make sure to get the correct filtering system for the size tank you have. (It won't hurt to get a system that is recommended for a slightly larger tank, i.e., a 55-gallon filtering system for a 40-gallon tank).

2. Stay Away From Fish Bowls

Most people think of a fishbowl when they first get a fish. This is because a fishbowl is quite affordable and an easy fix when you want a place for your fish.

Additionally, fish bowls are small, and they don’t occupy a large area. This works if you don’t have a big space in your home to store a fish tank.

Anything thing smaller than 5-gallon tank is not ideal for keeping a fish healthy. This is because it is harder to keep the water parameters stable.

Moreover, a small fish tank limits the movement of the fish. Also, it does not allow the installation of the necessary equipment for the survival of the fish.

Also, the tiny bowls have a small surface area for any gas exchange. This means that the fish won't have enough oxygen to survive.

3. Problems Caused When You Buy The Wrong Tank Size

If you don’t choose the right tank size you will encounter challenges like;-

• The Build-Up Of Harmful Substances

Fish often produce ammonia, thus it important to have aquarium nitrogen cycle to maintain a healthy environment or the fish won't stay alive.

When you have a small fish tank, it makes the ammonia concentration in the water be high than then filter system can convert. This can lead to the death of your fish due to a build-up of nitrate in the aquarium tank.

• Unstable Water Parameters

Aquarium sizes can determine the stability of the water parameters. When your fish tank has little water, it can cause instability in the water.

This means that it can cause changes in water temperature, pH, and hardness. When these changes occur regularly, it can cause shock to your fish. This might result in fish death.

Aquarium Sizes – Which Is Best

When you are looking for aquarium sizes, you need to think of fish health and long life. Small fish tank size can cause premature death to your fish. This is due to ammonia build up and lack of enough oxygen for survival.