bubble eye goldfish

Bubble Eye Goldfish

Who are the Bubble Eyed Fancy Goldfish?

The Bubble Eyed Goldfish is considered one of the many varieties of fancy goldfish that we currently know of.

They are a delicate and unique type of goldfish that are also one of the easiest breeds to identify. 

bubble eye fancy goldfish

The Bubble Eyed Goldfish are the only goldfish breed that develops large fluid filled bubbled (or sacs) under their eye.

This abnormality first appears around the age of three months and will continue to grow until the goldfish is about two years old.

Not only are these goldfish equipped with fluid filled sacs on their faces but, they are also unique in that they lack a dorsal fin.

The combination of these two physical traits creates not only a delicate fish but also a slow swimming fish.

calico bubble eye goldfish


The Bubble Eyed Goldfish’s appearance may seem like an alien experiment gone wrong, but they are actually a very lovely fish.

As a result of their “handicapped” appearance and restrictive swimming abilities, these fish should not be housed with faster-swimming fish.

Other types of goldfish, such as the Common goldfish would be too great a competitor during feeding time.

The Bubble Eyed Goldfish would be happy to share a tank with fellow slow swimmers such as the Celestial Eyed Goldfish. These tankmates will have far fewer problems competing for food during feeding time.

Any goldfish enthusiast that is considering bringing home a Bubble Eyed Goldfish should be aware of their “special needs”.

The bubble sacs under their eyes are extremely fragile and delicate.

If either of them were to rupture, it could cause severe infections and potentially cause other health problems for the fish.

How Can The Sacs Rupture?

Any number of things can easily break these fine bubbles.

If you have a Bubble Eyed Goldfish in a tank with an aggressive goldfish, and they begin to fight, then the aggressive goldfish could nip at these fluid sacs and potentially cause them to break open.

However, it is far more likely that the sacs could break open due to a sharp or pointy object being inside the aquarium.

So fish owners may want to purchase décor, plastic plants, or driftwood to decorate their aquarium but you have to consider the bubble eyed goldfish’s safety when doing so.

If you own a Bubble Eyed Goldfish, then you should steer clear of any underwater castle decorations or other still objects that have sharp edges.

If you cannot run your finger across a surface without a pointy side or sharp edge of any kind, then it should not be included in this particular tank.

Bubble Eyed Goldfish would be much safer if provided décor, plants, and other objects with completely smooth surfaces.

Another way that these bubbles could potentially rupture would be the type of filter in the tank.

For example, if you already have an aquarium set up, and it is fully equipped with a power filtration system that hangs on the back of the tank then you may want to consider buying a separate tank and setup for your Bubble Eyed Goldfish or you could “Bubble-proof” your current filtration system.

You can do so by covering any opening with a mesh cloth to avoid your Bubble Eyed Goldfish’s sacs from being sucked into the mechanism.

bubble eye goldfish picture

If you have yet to set up an aquarium or are looking to add an aquarium to your collection, then you could purchase an undergravel filtration system.

These filters lay flat in the bottom of the tank, and the rocks, gravel, décor, and plants are placed on top of it.

It will still filter your aquarium’s water but, it will be much safer for your Bubble Eyed Goldfish to live in without the fear of breaking their fluid sacs open.

You should also be sure to choose a filtration system that doesn’t cause a high current.

These currents can make it an even bigger challenge for your Bubble Eyed Goldfish to swim because he lacks a stabilizing dorsal fin.

Bubble Eyed Goldfish Aquarium Care:

You may need to be extra observant when you own a Bubble Eyed Goldfish only because their tank can become cloudy or dirty much quicker than other goldfish’s tanks might.

This is due to them being slower swimmers and not able to eat all of the food before it reaches the substrate.

bubbled eye goldfish


Without a power filtration system taking care of the water for you on a daily basis, these tanks could become green and even cloudy as a result of little to no water circulation.

Goldfish, in general, are a very messy type of fish to own and require a water change and aquarium cleaning every 1 to 2 weeks.

You may find yourself doing these chores a little more often if you choose to own a Bubble Eyed Goldfish.

It is critical that you follow the recommendations from specialists about water changes, water treatments, feeding, and aquarium cleanings that are specifically for aquariums housing a Bubble Eyed Goldfish.

Are Bubble Eyed Goldfish a Fun And Enjoyable Pet?

These goldfish are very special indeed and therefore require an experienced owner.

This breed of goldfish should never be someone’s “first pet” because they have too many risk factors and particular needs that only an expert goldfish owner could be prepared to take on.

bubble eye goldfish

However, if you are an experienced goldfish owner, then you can find great joy in owning a couple of Bubble Eyes.

Many people that have owned this type of goldfish report that they have a sense of humor as well as enjoy their humans and seem to show excitement upon their arrival.

Goldfish have been known to be rather intelligent creatures. You may even be able to teach your Bubble Eyed Goldfish a trick or two!

Where Can I Buy a Bubble Eyed Goldfish?

Bubble Eyed Goldfish are not usually sold in the local pet stores. In fact, they can be rather difficult to come by depending on where you live.

Most pet store owners ( from chain pet stores such as Petsmart, or even a small mom and pop pet store) are leery about purchasing and reselling these goldfish because they require a lot of specialty care, including their own aquarium in some cases.

The owners feel that there is simply too much work to be done to care for a Bubble Eyed tank as well as the rest of the fish and other pets in the store.

Many people will decide to turn to the internet to find themselves a Bubble Eyed Goldfish or two, and this too can be a huge risk.

bubble eye goldfish top view

While there are some success stories of buying fish online, many times the fish will be ill from the trip or even dead upon arrival.

This is an especially high risk when it comes to a Bubble Eye because of their fragility.,

They are far less likely to survive the trip. The best way to purchase this type of goldfish (and most any kind of goldfish) would be to seek out a breeder or fish farm.

Breeders will be much more caring and knowledgeable than the average pet store employee and will understand the fish’s fragility far better than an internet fish market.

By choosing a breeder or a fish farm you can personally visit the location, meet the owners and witness for yourself the care and effort that has gone into these fish.

A great place to buy your Bubble Eye goldfish is from King Koi Goldfish

Final thoughts about these fun-loving goldfish:

Bubble Eyed Goldfish may seem like a lot of time and effort that you may not necessarily be looking for in a pet fish.

If you already feel that they are far too much responsibility then you know they are not the pet fish for you, and you should check out other breeds that are less maintenance (i.e. the Common goldfish).

However, if you are an experienced goldfish owner that is ready to take on these delicate and lovable goldfish then search for a breeder, buy the proper equipment and enjoy your new bubbly friend. 


goldfisho mascot

What Is A BUBBLE EYE Goldfish?

Type: fancy

Colors: orange, calico, black 

Type of Swimmer: slow

Temperament: peaceful

Single or Twin-tail: twin

Level of Care: not for beginners because of delicate eyes

What Does A BUBBLE EYE Goldfish Cost?

$9 – $20 each 

What Are Compatible Tank Mates For BUBBLE EYE Goldfish?

Because Bubble Eyes are slow swimmers, never place them together with fast swimming fish.

They are best with Other slow swimmers; Black Moor, Ranchu, Lionhead, Bubble Eye, Ryukin

Note: Slow swimming goldfish should not be placed with fast swimming goldfish. Fast swimmers are aggressive eaters at feedings.



The average Bubble Eye goldfish grows between 4″-5″ when an adult. There have been some cases where they can as big as 8 inches.


The average lifespan of the Bubble Eye goldfish is 5-10 years but if its well taken care of and provided all it need to thrive the Bubble Eye can live 25-30 years.




Live food (bloodworms, shrimp)

Fruits & vegetables

Flake food



Minimum: 20-30 gallons

Fish-to-tank Ratio is 1” of fish per 1 gallon of water


65 – 80 degrees (F)

A heater is required to maintain water temperature.

Do I Need To Have An Air Stone (Air Pump) In My BUBBLE EYE Goldfish’s Tank?

Yes, but avoid having one that is too powerful because Bubble Eyes are slow swimmers and too much water movement will cause them to have trouble swimming.


Yes, all goldfish should have a filtration system in their tank

Be careful that your filtration system’s water intake is not too powerful for the Bubble Eye because they are slow swimmers and too much movement in the water can be difficult for your Bubble Eye to tolerate.

Special Care for the Bubble Eye Goldfish

Do Bubble Eyes require special care because of their delicate eyes and swimming difficulty?

The tank must not have anything pointy or sharp because of the Bubble Eyes delicate eyes. Special care must be used when using decor or plants in the tank.

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