goldfish fish food reviews

Goldfish Food Reviews

Goldfish Food on the market today!

As a goldfish owner, you want to feed your finned friends the very best!

goldfish food reviews

Knowing what the best food for your particular fish is can become overwhelming as there are so many choices that line the shelves of your local pet store.




Omega One Go​​ldfish Flakes

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Hikari Oranda Gold Floating Pellets

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Aqueon Goldfish Granules

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Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellets

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Below are some of the most common fish foods that may or may not be what your tank inhabitants need.

Omega One Goldfish Flak​​es

Omega One Goldfish Flakes 2.2oz.

Goldfish flakes are usually a “go to” option for many goldfish owners. Goldfish flakes could be an excellent choice for you and your fish depending on what type of fish you have as well as what kind of lifestyle you lead.

What are Omega One Goldfish Flakes?

Omega One Goldfish Flakes is enriched with protein from a variety of fresh seafood sources. It also has been created with fresh, natural fats as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 HUFA’s.  What is HUFA? HUFA’s are Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids.

They are long chains of energy made of a carbon and hydrogen combination that assists in building fat. This is an important piece of information to the fish food world because they play a vital role in the transportation of high-quality energy to your tank inhabitants which can increase their growth rate as well as their reproductive stock.

Why should I use the Omega One Goldfish Flake brand?

The Omega One Goldfish Flake manufacturers seem to have taken the time to research what is important for fish to have in their daily diets as well as what could potentially become harmful. For example, the Omega One manufacturers have not added colors to the flakes from food coloring or other dyes. 

They used the natural pigmentation from the salmon skins which have provided the vibrant flake colors. They have made sure that their food includes HUFA’s which as we have briefly learned are greatly beneficial to fish! They also have developed their fish flakes to produce significantly less ash than competitor brands. 

They expect that their fish flakes should produce 8% ash or less! Therefore, your tank water should not become cloudy nor should the vitamins from the food seep into the aquarium.

What are the pros and cons to Omega One Goldfish Flake brand?

  • What are the pros and cons to Omega One Goldfish Flake brand?
  • Tasty
  • Makes fish happy which in turn makes the owners happy
  • Flakes can become powdery after a while

Hikari Oranda Gold ​​​​Floating Pellets

Hikari 3.5-Ounce Oranda Gold Floating Pellets for Pets, Mini

Some breeds of goldfish may require a hardier meal than the flakes can provide.

That is where the goldfish pellets come in! Pellets generally do not dissolve in the tank water as quickly as the goldfish flakes do and therefore the slower swimmers can reach the water’s surface before all of their food has disintegrated. 

Many goldfish pellet manufacturers include quality ingredients that are beneficial to the health and wellness of your fish as well!

What are Hikari Oranda Gold Floating Pellets?

Floating pellets, like these, make feeding time more controlled as the owners can monitor how much food their fish are consuming in a given period of time. While the Hikari Oranda Gold Floating Pellets brand specifically refers to the Oranda Goldfish in the name, this does not necessarily mean that other goldfish cannot eat it and enjoy it! 

In fact, these goldfish pellets would be an excellent choice for various breeds of goldfish including the Lionhead, the Ranchu, the Oranda, as well as the Azumanishiki.

Why should I use the Hikari Oranda Gold Floating Pellet brand?

If your tank inhabitants include any of the slower swimming fish breeds, fancy goldfish breeds, or if your fish require a hardier meal then this product could be the perfect fit! They are also developed with beneficial levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E.

These pellets are designed to promote vibrant colors in your fish that they may otherwise lack due to being kept indoors.

What are the pros and cons to Hikari Oranda Gold Floating Pellet brand?

  • Goldfish and owners love this brand
  • Perfect for Red Cap Orandas and Panda Moors
  • Doesn’t cloud the tank water
  • Improved head growth
  • No smelly tank water
  • High-quality fish food
  • Floating pellets may not be best suited for goldfish with swim bladder problems (look into sinking pellets made by Hikari)
  • May need to be “pre-soaked” in the tank water if your goldfish are still young

Aqueon Goldfish Granules

Aqueon Goldfish Food Granules, 5.8-Ounce

You may find that your particular goldfish are picky eaters, and therefore goldfish flakes and goldfish pellets may not be meeting their satisfaction. If this sounds familiar, give the goldfish granules a try! You may be surprised by the results!

What are Aqueon Goldfish Granules?

The Aqueon Goldfish Granules are a great product for goldfish and various other ornamental goldfish breeds because they are specifically designed for your fish to make the most of their food without creating a lot of waste. 

Granules are much smaller pellets which are easier to digest. This is a great feature for goldfish as they do not have stomachs and require their food to be easily digestible.

Why should I use the Aqueon Goldfish Granule brand?

If your goldfish seem to be picky eaters or if they are just not satisfied by their goldfish flakes or pellets then you may want to consider trying the granules. They provide a balanced and nutritional diet for Goldfish while also being easy to digest. The Aqueon Goldfish Granules are made with natural ingredients and no artificial coloring.

The Aqueon manufacturers have included various vitamins and minerals to help support the immune system, health and wellness of your tank inhabitants. This brand of goldfish granules should not cloud the water, therefore, making them a safe choice for your fish.

What are the pros and cons to the Aqueon Goldfish Granule brand?

  • Enjoyable for fish
  • An excellent way to mix up the daily diet
  • Not messy or smelly for the owner to handle
  • Could make a good food choice for agile swimming goldfish, slow swimming fish, and even Betta fish!
  • Granules may not stay afloat very long
  • May get sucked into filter

Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellets

Hikari 12.3-Ounce Lionhead Sinking Pellets for Pets, Mini

As previously mentioned, pellets can be an excellent way to give your finned friends a hardier meal choice.

However, before you run out and buy just any old pellet brand, you should know that some fish may prefer or require the sinking pellets rather than the floating pellets.

Knowing the difference between the two and knowing which would be better suited for your particular fish could make all the difference!

What are Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellets?

Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellets are a fantastic food option for goldfish that have a hard time seeing the food on the water’s surface or fish that have a difficult time swimming to the surface. 

Sinking pellets are ideal for fish with swim bladder problems as the food will sink to the fish rather than the fish swimming upwards towards the food. These sinking pellets have been developed not to cloud the tank water, promote healthy head formations in particular fancy goldfish, and keep your fish vibrantly colorful!

Why should I use the Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellet brand?

Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellets are designed for hardier fancy goldfish such as the Lionhead, the Oranda, the Ranchu and even the Black Moor. 

However, fancy goldfish with vision problems such as the Bubble Eyed Fancy Goldfish or the Telescope Eyed Fancy Goldfish will also benefit from the sinking pellets.

These pellets are high in Vitamin C as well as various other vitamins and minerals that should promote healthy fish and help prevent color fading, infections, and diseases. 

What are the pros and cons to Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellet brand?

  • No MSG
  • Less fillers
  • Great sinking speed to reduce swim bladder problems and gobbling of food at the surface
  • Promotes Wen growth and color enhancement
  • May cloud the water if overfeeding goldfish and allowing uneaten food to sink to the bottom




Omega One Go​​ldfish Flakes

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Hikari Oranda Gold Floating Pellets

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Aqueon Goldfish Granules

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Hikari Lionhead Sinking Pellets

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For our goldfish to have a long and healthy life, it is important to feed them high quality food. Proper feeding, water quality and proper space can help our goldfish thrive instead of survive. 

What do you feed your goldfish? Comment Below

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