a quick look at the water trumpet plant for goldfish

A Quick Look at the Water Trumpet Plant for Goldfish

Looking for a good plant to put in your Goldfish aquarium? 

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Unfortunately, not a lot of plants can survive living with Goldfish as they like to munch on them which is why choosing a plant that isn’t appealing to the fish is crucial.

The Water Trumpet plant or Cryptocoryne Wendtii is an Asian, native plant that’s also found in New Guinea.

But, is it a good choice for your goldfish tank?

In this article, we will go through everything you need to know about the water trumpet plant for Goldfish and go through whether or not it is the right choice for your tank.

Let’s get started, shall we?

A Closer Look at the Water Trumpet Plant for Goldfish

As I mentioned in the introduction, the water trumpet plant is native to tropical areas such as New Guinea and Asian regions.

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 This plant comes under the category of monocot aquatic plants.

The plant can easily live in slow-moving streams, rivers, banks, and forest pools.

The water trumpets or Cryptocoryne Wendtii are excellent foreground plants for large goldfish tanks.

The plant may even be used as distinct background plants in smaller goldfish tanks.

What Does Water Trumpet Look Like?

Did you know that there are several species if the water trumpet plant?

This plant comes in various colors which include greens, reds, browns, and a combination of the colors mentioned above.

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The plant has a shape that looks like that of a flower and has a spadix which looks like a trumpet.

The leaves of the water trumpet can grow to be between 5 and 18 inches.

This hard plant does best in tropical temperatures ranging between 20 and 33 degree Celsius. 

Tropical Temperature
Tropical Temperature

The plant does well in medium to low lighting.

You can use T5/T8 fluorescent light or LED lights to mimic the spectrum. The plant does best in pH 6.5 and 7.5 and works well in aquariums of various sizes.

Goldfish and Water Trumpet: Are They a Good Fit?

One of the most annoying things about owning goldfish is the fact that they are big on munching anything that they can.

Water Trumpets are an excellent choice for Goldfish because the plant is strong and can withstand any nudges that come its way when your Goldfish are looking for a snack.

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Goldfish generally refrain on snacking on the plant which is why they do well in the goldfish aquarium.

Summing Up: A Quick Look at the Water Trumpet Plant for Goldfish

The water trumpet plant is an excellent choice for Goldfish because it is a strong-rooted plant that can withstand any nudges that might come its way.

It does well best in tropical temperatures and serves as a beautiful background or foreground plant in your aquarium.

And, it’s goldfish-friendly!

All in all, you should try this plant out in your aquarium.

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