Tosakin Goldfish

The Curly Fantail Goldfish

The Tosakin Goldfish is also referred to as the curly fantail goldfish. It is a very recognizable goldfish type because of its distinctive tail formation.

tosakin goldfish

While this goldfish may be distinctive, it can also be easily mistaken for similar goldfish breeds.

Throughout this article, we will discover the Tosakin Goldfish, his unique and shared characteristics as well as whether or not he will make a good pet for you and your family.

History of the Tosakin Goldfish

The Tosakin Goldfish originated in Japan where he was given his name. Tosakins were first bred by a lower-ranking samurai of the Tosa clan in the late Edo Era (1845 to1851).

They are believed to have been bred by crossing an Osakarachu Goldfish and a Ryukin Goldfish during the Edo Era or, that the Tosakin came about as a mutated Ryukin Goldfish.

The Tosakin breed was thought to be completely extinct in 1946 after the Nankai Earthquake.

However, six of them were discovered residing in a Japanese restaurant. They were then traded for Japanese Spirits (shochu).

Each Tosakin to be bred came from these six remaining goldfish which explains the breed’s predisposition to various health problems.

Physical Traits of the Tosakin Goldfish

The Tosakin has an egg-shaped body that is one of the more typical body shapes for goldfish. The Tosakin is often mistaken for the Fantail Goldfish because of their short, egg-shaped body, and fin design.

The most noticeable difference between the two goldfish types is the caudal fin shape.

tosakin fancy goldfish

Tosakin caudal (tail) fins are in a horizontal, fixed formation that fans out. Tosakins are often said to be “top-view” goldfish because the exact shape of the caudal fin cannot be seen from the side.

The head of the Tosakin Goldfish comes to a point which is also a distinguishing trait of the breed. Tosakin Goldfish typically come in orange or orange and white.

However, they are also known to come in red, yellow, black, calico, and red and white.

Difficulty of care for the Tosakin Goldfish

Tosakin Goldfish are one of the more delicate goldfish breeds. They are not recommended for first-time goldfish owners because of their special care needs.

In Japan, these goldfish are typically kept in shallow aquariums or ponds to allow for easy top viewing of the beautiful and unique fish.

This type of living environment should be replicated. However, they should not be pond fish as they are incredibly slow swimmers and will become easy prey.

Their swimming difficulties should also be taken into consideration when choosing tankmates for the Tosakin.

They should not reside with goldfish that swim quickly such as a comet goldfish as they will not be able to compete for food and may end up being bullied.

Their environment should also be cleared of dangerous objects that could potentially harm their delicate caudal fin. 

The filtration system that you install should offer little to no current as this will only further impair their swimming abilities.

These goldfish may also do better in a tank with slightly warmer water than a tank with Common Goldfish.

Nutrition and Food Requirements for the Tosakin Goldfish

Tosakin Goldfish, like all goldfish, are omnivores. Their diets consist of both meat products, and plant products. They should receive a balanced diet of:

Tosakins will gladly accept any of these foods. However, they tend to favor bloodworms and goldfish pellets.

Habitat Requirements for the Tosakin Goldfish

Tosakins should live in a semi-shallow tank that is wide enough for their tail fins and bodies to grow normally.

Goldfish experts highly recommend a tank that is at least six times longer than the size of an adult Tosakin.

The recommended measurements for a Tosakin habitat are 24 inches wide by 36 inches long.

An air powered sponge filtration system would be enough biological filtration to offer oxygen supply without excessive current.

Owners of a Tosakin should also provide their habitat with an aeration device such as an air pump and an air stone. These goldfish may also require a heater or a heated lamp to keep the water from becoming too cold.

Personality and Temperament of the Tosakin Goldfish

Tosakin Goldfish are generally docile creatures that rarely instigate bullying or fighting. Their slow swimming speeds make them a more patient and laid back type of goldfish.

Also, these goldfish tend to be known as “weak fish” as a result of a long line of inbreeding. Therefore, they are not likely going to be anything but loving towards their tankmates and family members.

However, their slow swimming ability and their weakness make them easy prey for bully fish as well as animals that may want an easy snack.

The Tosakin Goldfish is not a popular type of goldfish in the UK or the US. However, they remain a common sight in Japan as show fish and for personal ownership.

Their history and complicated breeding creates a beautiful and unique fish that suffers from slow swimming ability, weakness, and are prone to any number of health conditions.

If you are interested in a Tosakin Goldfish, take into consideration their individual needs and their delicate nature.

Tosakin Goldfish Questions and Answers

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What is a Tosakin goldfish?

Type: fancy

Colors: orange, orange/white, red, red/white, yellow, calico, black

Type of Swimmer: slow

Temperament: peaceful

Single or Twin-tail: twin

Level of Care: great for beginners, but extra care must be given because of being prone to swim bladder problems

What does a Tosakin goldfish cost?

$15 - $40  each

What are compatible tank mates for Tosakin goldfish?

Other slow swimmers; Black Moor, Ranchu, Lionhead, Bubble Eye, Ryukin

Note: Slow swimming goldfish should not be placed with fast swimming goldfish. Fast swimmers are aggressive eaters at feedings.

Characteristics and Traits of Tosakin Goldfish

How large does a Tosakin   goldfish get?

4” - 8”

What is the lifespan of Tosakin goldfish?

10-15 years

Diet of Tosakin Goldfish

What does a Tosakin goldfish eat?


Live food (bloodworms, shrimp)

Fruits & vegetables

Flake food

Tank Requirements for Tosakin Goldfish

What size tank does a Tosakin goldfish need?

Minimum: 20-30 gallons

Fish-to-tank Ratio is 1” of fish per 1 gallon of water

What should the water temperature be for a Tosakin goldfish; and do I need to have a heater for the tank?

65 - 78 degrees (F)

A heater is required to maintain water temperature.

Do I need to have an air stone (air pump) in my Tosakin goldfish’s tank?

Yes but be careful not to have an overly powerful one because of the Tosakin’s slow swimming difficulty which that water movement may hinder

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Does a Tosakin goldfish’s tank require a filtration system?

Yes, all goldfish should have a filtration system in their tank.

Be careful that your filtration system’s water intake is not too powerful for the Tosakin because they are slow swimmers and too much movement in the water can be difficult for your Tosakin to tolerate

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