Buying the Best Aquarium Water Conditioner for Your Goldfish

In order to make sure that your fish is healthy, you need to treat the normal tap water so that it suits their needs.

tap water conditioner aquarium
Since tap water has been treated for human consumption and use, it contains numerous chloramines, chemicals, and heavy metals that can cause your fish some real harm.

So, what should you do?

You can start by treating the regular tap water using a good aquarium water conditioner which helps neutralize the chloramines, removes chlorine and essentially detoxifies the water.

In this article, I’ll go through the best aquarium water conditioners for your Goldfish.

Let’s get started, shall we?  

How Tap Water Conditioners Work

Did you know that normal tap water is like poison for your goldfish?

Chlorine, along with some other chemicals used to process water can burn your fish’s gills and these invisible materials can attack your fish’s living tissue which, over time,  can cause breathing problems for your your goldfish.

So, removing chlorine from the water is extremely important---or it can prove to be fatal.

The thing is that chlorine isn’t the only culprit here. Water districts have different standards to process water and make it safe for human consumption.

These chemicals include chloramine, chlorine, etc. which are dangerous for your goldfish.

Some public water systems also disinfect water by adding chloramine to it and that may require you to get a water conditioner that works by splitting the chlorine-ammonia bond and then neutralize each separately.

I feel that that’s why water conditioners are important.

Still, don’t understand what the fuss is about?

The task of a tap water conditioner is to add negatively charged ions to the water which attracts disinfectants to itself. Now, the positively charged chlorine ‘magnets’ stick to these negatively charged ones instead of your goldfish’s gills.

Tap water conditioners do the job by basically neutralizing the chlorine in the water by forming ionic bonds which basically renders the chlorine harmless---this simple process makes tap water safe for goldfish and nourishes the beneficial bacteria that help in keeping your aquarium healthy.

Well, to put into simple words, the treated tap water is basically full to the brim with chlorine ions that are charged positively and act as magnets that stick to your goldfish’s gills.And, this process neutralizes the water and renders the chlorine harmless.

Your Tap Water Conditioner Options

As I mentioned before, all water conditioners don’t serve the same purpose.

Some work well to neutralize just chlorine, with others work well by neutralizing chloramine---while some act as an all-in-one solution to all of your problems.

So, there are three main types of water conditioners that you should be looking out for: 
  • Dechlorinators: These conditioners contain small quantities of sodium thiosulfate which help in removing chlorine effectively and quickly from the tap water. However, they don’t work on heavy metals.  
  • Chloramine Neutralizers: These water conditioners are good at dealing with chlorine and prove to be a good solution for heavy metals as well as ammonia.
  • Complete Conditioners: These water conditioners help combat chlorine as well as ammonia and are also good at detoxifying heavy metals and removing copper from the tap water.

Some water conditioners also contain added vitamins that help boost your fish’s immune system and also help replenish the fish’s slime coat which provides the fish with an extra layer of defense against diseases.

Water conditioners generally last a long time and aren’t too expensive.


Neutralizes Chlorine & Chloramine
Detoxifies Nitrite & Nitrate
Removes Ammonia & Heavy Metals
Strengthens Bacterial Bed
Restores Slime Coat
Heals Cuts & Scrapes

The Top 4 Picks for the Best Aquarium Water Conditioner for Your Fish

When you visit the pet store, it is not uncommon to find quite a few brands of aquarium water conditioners.

But, which one should you buy?

I have compiled a list of five of the best aquarium water conditioner for your Goldfish.

Let’s take a peek:

Now, let’s talk about all of these five aquarium water conditioners in detail, shall we?

Let’s begin, shall we?

Seachem Prime Fresh and Saltwater Conditioner - Chemical Remover and Detoxifier 500 ml

The Seachem Prime is a concentrated conditioner that helps in curing both, fresh as well as saltwater.

The conditioner works well in removing chloramine, chlorine, and ammonia.

The water conditioner helps convert ammonia to a non-toxic and safe material which is then removed by the biofilter in your filter.

This water conditioner can also be used when tank cycling as it helps with ammonia and nitrate toxicity as well.

  • COMPLETE water conditioner.
  • STRONG WATER TREATMENT for either fresh or saltwater tanks.
  • REMOVES CHLORINE & CHLORAMINE to allow the biofilter to effectively remove ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.
  • DETOXIFIES AMMONIA, NITRITES, & HEAVY METALS found in tap water. This provides your fish with the ideal water parameters.
  • DIRECTIONS for use is 1 capful (5 mL) of Seachem Prime per 50 gallons (200 L) of new/replaced water. For smaller tanks, use 1mL per 10 gallons.

Pros and Cons


  • Complete water conditioner; does not require any additional treatments or additives to condition a tank.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Seachem products are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Powerful enough to remove chlorine and chloramine.
  • Renders ammonia innate so biofilter can remove it from the tank.
  • A Best Seller!


  • Has an offensive smell.
  • Doesn’t treat slime coat. It merely promotes natural slime coat.
  • It will ruin clothing. Has a bleaching effect.
  • Requires math skills to break down dosing if you have a smaller tank.


Seachem Prime Fresh & Saltwater Conditioner - Chemical Remover and Detoxifier is designed to be used in either fresh or saltwater tanks. One bottle goes a very long way! A 500 mL bottle treats 5,000 gallons. You get your money’s worth in this product.

You can add Seachem Prime to new water or replacement water with the assurance that both chlorine and chloramine are entirely removed. Ammonia won’t be a problem because it is detoxified by converting it to an innate form which is then removed by the tank’s biofilter. No need to worry about your pH levels; Seachem Prime is non-acidic, which does not impact pH. 

Seachem Prime promotes a more natural slime coat in fish whereas other products use artificial compounds for slime coat. Lastly, this product does not upset the balance of skimmers in your tank.

Seachem Prime Fresh & Saltwater Conditioner - Chemical Remover and Detoxifier

Questions & Answers 


Is Seachem Prime the only thing to add to water to condition it?


Yes. Seachem Prime is a COMPLETE water conditioner


If I have a 55-gallon tank and do a 35% water change, how much Seachem Prime should I add?


The rule of measurement for Seachem Prime is to use 1mL per 10 gallons of water.


Is there an easier way to measure Seachem Prime than using the cap?


A small syringe is perfect for measuring mL for smaller tanks.


How long does a new tank have to cycle after you add Seachem Prime?


Adding Seachem Prime when setting up a new tank does not shorten cycling. You will still need to cycle your new tank for several weeks. It will, however, dechlorinate your new tank immediately.

Final Thought About The Seachem Prime water Conditioner

I feel that this is a good option when you’re looking for a good aquarium water conditioner.

Seachem Prime Fresh and Saltwater Conditioner - Chemical Remover and Detoxifier 500 ml
  • POWERFUL TREATMENT: Seachem Prime is a complete and concentrated conditioner for both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks, working hard to remove chlorine and chloramine.
  • REMOVER: Seachem Prime immediately and permanently removes chlorine and chloramine, successfully allowing the bio filter to remove ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate while they are detoxified for 48 hours.
  • DETOXIFIER: Seachem Prime effectively detoxifies ammonia, nitrite, and heavy metals found in the tap water at typical concentration levels, providing a ideal environment for your betta, tetra, or other fish.
  • USE: Use 1 capful (5 mL) of Seachem Prime for each 200 L (50 US gallons) of new or replacement water. For best results, add Seachem Prime to new water first. For exceptionally high chloramine concentrations, a double dose may be used safely. For smaller volumes, use 2 drops per gallon.
  • SAFETY: In case of an emergency, the 5x dose of Seachem Prime may be used for both ammonia and nitrite. Use a ½ dose if the water temperature is > 30°C (86°F) and chlorine or ammonia levels are low.

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Tetra AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner/Dechlorinator, 1.69-Ounce

The Tetra AquaSafe Plus water conditioner contains seaweed which helps nourish the development of bacteria that are beneficial for clean water which is ideal for fish and works really well to make tap water safe for your goldfish.  

This water conditioner helps neutralize chloramines, chlorine, and heavy metals which are harmful to your fish in general.

  • COMPLETE water conditioner
  • FRESH and SALTWATER tanks.
  • SLIME COAT PROVIDED to aid the fish with quicker healing of abrasions or wounds.
  • SUPPORTS BENEFICIAL BACTERIA in the tank to prevent cloudiness of water as well as water pollution.
  • DIRECTIONS for use is 1 teaspoon (5ml) per 10 gallons (38L) of new/replaced water. For small tanks, use 8-10 drops per 1 gallon.
  • It works in mere seconds to neutralize chloramine, chlorine as well as heavy metals
  • It helps in the regeneration of the slime coat
  • One teaspoon of this works well for treating 10 gallons of water
  • Treats freshwater as well as tap water

Pros and Cons


  • Available in five different sizes to accommodate small to large tanks.
  • This product works almost instantly in going to action removing chlorine and chloramine.
  • A big plus is this conditioner supports the good bacteria in your tank. This is something you definitely want in a product to keep your tank water clear.
  • Having a slime coat in this conditioner is both a pro and a con. Although it benefits a fish’s ability to heal quickly from abrasions etc., this product’s slime coat additives are chemicals.
  • In comparison to Seachem Prime, Tetra AquaSafe Plus is milder, yet just as effective.


  • The slime coat additive in this product is not made with natural additives. Those that treat their fish with natural/holistic approaches will want to stay away from shelf products that contain slime coat.
  • Tends to be a little more expensive than other comparable water conditioners.


Tetra AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner-Dechlorinator can be used in either fresh or saltwater tanks.

The product comes in five different sizes, making it convenient to purchase the right size to meet your tank needs.

The smallest container size of 1.69 oz. will treat up to 100 gallons.

This product works within seconds of adding it to new or replacement water. Both chlorine and chloramine are removed while ammonia and hard metals are rendered innate (non-toxic.)

Beneficial bacteria within the tank are supported by Tetra AquaSafe Plus’ BioExtract. It’s important to have this bacteria to keep your tank’s water clear and unpolluted.

Fish benefit from the slime coat in Tetra AquaSafe Plus. Slime coat is necessary for a fish to heal quickly in the event of abrasions or injury. 

Lastly, this product runs “neck in neck” with Seachem Prime as far as reviews and how well it performs.

Tetra AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner / Dechlorinator

Questions & Answers 


Can this be used in a desktop 1-gallon tank? If so, how much should I add to the water?


Tetra AquaSafe Plus can be used in tanks as small as 1-gallon. The dosing for one gallon of water is 8-10 drops.


Is it best to use the cap to measure dosing?


Syringes are the best way to measure if you are dosing in ml. If you are dosing by drops, a small eyedropper works great.

Be sure that either item you use is clean and free from chemicals, medicine, etc.


How does Tetra AquaSafe Plus compare to Seachem Prime?


Price: Tetra AquaSafe Plus costs a little more

Strength: Seachem Prime is stronger 

Reviews: Seachem Prime is rated slightly higher.

Slime Coat: Seachem Prime does not have slime coat additive.


What size of Tetra AquaSafe Plus should I purchase if I have a 55-gallon tank?


We suggest getting the 33.8 oz bottle for a large tank. Other suggestions for purchase size:

  • Small (up to 10 gallons) - 1.69 oz

  • Medium (up to 30 gallons) - 8.45 oz

  • Large (40+ gallons) - 16.9 oz or 33.8 oz

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Moving on… 

API GOLDFISH PROTECT Aquarium Water Conditioner 4-Ounce Bottle

The API protect goldfish water conditioner works well to help maintain the good quality of water and strengthens your goldfish’s immune system to keep the fish strong, vibrant, and free of diseases.

I recommend that you test the aquarium water on a weekly basis to make sure that it is of an optimal quality as well as change 25% of the water twice a week to help reduce the buildup of toxicity.

  • FRESH AND SALTWATER fish tanks.
  • INTENDED USE is for goldfish.
  • DIRECTIONS for use is 1 ml per ½ gallon of new/replaced water.


  • Affordably priced.
  • If you have goldfish, this product is ideal for their tank water.
  • Has added beneficial bacteria that will keep your tank water healthy, clean, and clear.
  • Contains trace amounts of minerals that help promote slime coat.


  • Not intended for large-sized tanks.
  • Comes in a 4 oz. size which will only treat up to 47 gallons. Not ideal for frequent water changes.
  • Although this product does neutralize ammonia, it does not do anything for heavy metals found in tap water.
  • Does not provide a slime coat, it merely promotes a healthy slime coat.


API Goldfish Protect is one of the leading brands in goldfish care.

This product is specially designed for goldfish environments

With that in mind, consumers give it almost a perfect rating. It is affordably priced and easy to use.

An added benefit is this product includes beneficial bacteria.

These bacteria convert toxic ammonia and nitrites into nitrates.

 Nitrates are harmless for fish.

As a result, you will have clearer and vibrant tank water.

API Goldfish Protect

Questions & Answers 


Can API Goldfish Protect be used with other freshwater or saltwater fish?


No. This product is designed for goldfish and should never be used in saltwater or brackish water.


Is this a complete water conditioner?


No. It is a dechlorinator and ammonia neutralizer. It does not neutralize or detoxify heavy metals that are present in municipal water systems.


If I have a 10-gallon tank, how much should I use?


You should use 5 ml per 10 gallons of water.

API GOLDFISH PROTECT Aquarium Water Conditioner 4-Ounce Bottle
  • Contains one (1) API GOLDFISH PROTECT Aquarium Water Conditioner 4-Ounce Bottle
  • Makes tap water safe for fish
  • Prevents tap water chemicals from causing gill destruction, tissue irritation and fish death
  • Neutralizes chlorine, chloramines and other chemicals
  • Use when adding or changing water and when adding new fish to goldfish aquariums

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This is the final one on my list!

Aqueon Aquarium Tap Water Conditioner, 4-Ounce

The Aqueon tap water conditioner is a good solution for your goldfish as it helps tackle chloramine, chlorine as well as ammonia and heavy metals and helps restore the fish’s slime coat.

This water conditioner also works well in reducing stress in fish.

  • COMPLETE water conditioner that works INSTANTLY.
  • FRESH AND SALTWATER fish tanks.
  • SLIME COAT PROVIDED to aid the fish with quicker healing of abrasions or wounds.
  • DIRECTIONS for use is 1 teaspoon (5ml) per 10 gallons (38L) of new/replaced water. For small tanks, use 8-10 drops per 1 gallon.


  • Works for either freshwater or saltwater tanks.
  • Choice of size, making it convenient to treat small to large tanks. Available in three sizes; 8 oz., 16 oz., and 1-gallon.
  • Ideal for use in Betta bowls
  • Affordably priced and comparable to more expensive conditioners.
  • Easy to use with precise dosing directions. Measuring cap is included taking the guesswork out of measuring.
  • This product is a complete conditioner that dechlorinates. Both ammonia and heavy metals are detoxified, making the water safe and clear.


  • There were numerous complaints about shipping and packaging of the product. The measuring cap gets damaged or broken during shipment. Due to a defective seal/cap, the bottle tends to leak during shipment as well. 


Simply put, Aqueon Tap Water Conditioner is a no-frills conditioner for tap water that covers all necessary bases when it comes to tank water.

This product will effectively remove chlorine, chloramine while detoxifying ammonia and heavy metals. It does include a restorative additive for slime coat, which is a big bonus.

If you have Bettas, this product is ideal for treating small Betta bowls.

You can select from three different size options, making it convenient for small to large tanks.

Aqueon Tap Water Conditioner

Questions & Answers 


How long should I wait to return my fish to the water after using this product?


You can return your fish back to the water within minutes of treating the water.

However, if you are cycling a new tank, you must continue to cycle the tank for a few weeks before adding fish.


How does Aqueon Tap Water Conditioner compare to other top-selling water conditioners?


The thing that sets this product apart from other conditioners is its simplicity.

It does not contain extra additives that other conditioners have.

It is mild in form whereas Seachem Prime is stronger.

Aqueon Tap Water Conditioner is less expensive than the other leading conditioners.


Will this product affect the pH level in the water?


No, because it is non-acidic. 


Can this be used with goldfish?


Yes. It works for any freshwater fish.

Aqueon Aquarium Tap Water Conditioner, 4-Ounce
  • Use when filling aquarium with tap water or performing water changes
  • Instantly makes tap water safe for fish
  • Supplement for fish that have been stressed, transported or netted
  • Detoxifies heavy metals, ammonia and other elements that are released from fish waste
  • Convenient dosage cap is included - Add 5mL (1 tsp) per 10 gallons of water

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Aquarium Water Conditioner for Your Goldfish Conclusion

Did I help you in finding the best aquarium water conditioner for your goldfish?

Best Aquarium Water Conditioner Brands


The founder of Seachem was a fish hobbyist who recognized that aquarists worldwide were seeking solutions to problems. The amazing thing about this company is that it is owned and staffed with fish hobbyists and aquarists.

They take pride in their personal aquariums and tanks both at home and in the office. 

For 35 years now, Seachem has been one of the pet industry’s leading suppliers. Their products are sold all over the world!

Every Seachem product is developed by chemists and marine biologists backed by sound science. 


Tetra is the largest global supplier of fish supplies; food, tanks/supplies, water treatments, and hardware. The company was founded fifty years ago by Dr. Baensch, who invented flaked fish food. Tetra’s team of researchers are fellow fish enthusiasts who share the same passion for fish.


API is a subsidiary of Mars Petcare (Mars, Inc.) Mars Petcare is comprised of 50 brands of pet products in over 55 countries. API has been in the aquatic pet industry since the late 1960s. Their fish products include water treatments, tank supplies, and nutrition. Researchers at Mars, Inc. have led the way in the advancement of caring for fish. 

API’s products are one of the most popular brands of fish-related supplies that is purchased globally.


Aqueon is a global subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet. Central Garden and Pet is an umbrella company for a large number of brands for various industries; pets, wildlife, gardening, insecticide/pest control. 

Aqueon’s fish products span everything from tank supplies, food, and water treatments.

Final Thought

There are a lot of different types of water conditioners available in the market. However, you should buy one that addresses your concerns (such as just chlorine, or just chloramine) and has been recommended by several people.

I hope that the list that I have compiled helped you in figuring out which one of these is the best for you!
I feel that everyone who owns a goldfish must also own a good aquarium water conditioner.

Still, have any questions or concerns? Leave them in the comments section…