do goldfish need light

Do Goldfish Need Light?

Quick Navigation Can Goldfish get too little light?Can Goldfish get too much light?Best lights for Goldfish AquariumsCompact LightingFluorescent LightingHID LightingLED Lighting The short answer to this is, no; special lighting is not an essential part of owning goldfish. However, there are benefits to purchasing an aquarium with a light built into the lid. For example, …

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do goldfish have stomachs

Do Goldfish Have Stomachs?

Quick Navigation A mind boggling question explored! Goldfish Mouth:Goldfish Pharynx:Goldfish Esophagus:Goldfish Intestines:Goldfish Intestinal Bulb:Goldfish Caudal Intestine:What does this mean? A mind boggling question explored! One of the most asked questions when it comes to goldfish is “Do Goldfish Have Stomachs?” Let’s take a dive into the digestive system of a goldfish and find out what they are really made of! There have …

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