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We would love to share your voice and expert opinion on all things fish. From fish tanks to lighting to Betta fish to coral. Please feel free to share what you have.


Our loyal readers range from people who are starting in the hobby to long time fish wizards. and we want to always have information that would benefit each and every one of them.

We strive to deliver quality content and stay true to our mission, we’ve written some specific set of guidelines below which would guarantee some great content for our readers as well as give you the leg up to have your content approved.

Please be sure to read through everything before submitting your post. *Note that we do not offer compensation for guestpost nor do we accept compensation


1. All posts should be between 500-2000 words in length. (Article MUST be related to the home aquarium niche)

2. The Article must be related to goldfish or aquarium fish related topics. Aquarium equipment and plants are also acceptable

3. The most popular and engaging articles are those with a friendly and conversational tone. Infographics, studies, data and expert sources will take your article to the next level and help it stand out.

4. Must add value. Your article or infographic should be actionable and insightful. We are looking for articles that will teach the reader something new or add value to what they already know. Please refrain from articles that are ‘common knowledge’ or obvious. You are an expert in your field so we ask that you enlight, challenge or make the reader go “Oh I Never Knew That” or “I Never Looked At It That Way”

5. Double check your work. Please proofread before sending it to us. We only accept guest posts that use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We get a lot of submissions and it is impossible to edit each and every one. Submissions that require excessive editing will not be accepted.

6. The post that you are submitting to us MUST be owned by you, 100% original content, and exclusive to us. It should not be posted elsewhere (including on your own blog/website) before or after it appears on our site. (articles posted elsewhere will be deleted from our site and it may cause you to be banned from posting again)

7. No promotional or sales driven posts. You are welcome to make mention of your company, product, or service once or twice within your piece. You may add one link to your company within the body. Keep in mind that your article must be presented in a non-advertorial, non-promotional fashion. The point of our articles is to educate, empower, and inspire.

Other Requirements

1. A short Bio of yourself- written in 3rd person.

2. Please include a link to your site at the end of the article (no referral links, affiliate links or social media links)

3. The Article must be in Word Format

Other Info

There is a fee for all do-follow links (you are allowed a max of 2 nofollow links per article)

We reserve the right to edit your article to fit with the flow of our site

Articles that are approved can take 1-4 weeks to be posted live on the site.

Please send in your guest post to linda@goldfisho.com

This page was updated on 04/02/20